Christian ministry goes to court against former vice-president over missing money – WND

Christian ministry goes to court against former vice-president over missing money – WND.

A Christian ministry, Youth With a Mission, has gone to court over $2 million in what it calls “embezzled” funds, money that allegedly was taken by a former vice president.

A report in the Medicine Hat News reveals the local chapter of the worldwide organization has filed a civil action against Antonio Baldovinos and his wife, Christelle.

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YWAM officials are demanding the two pay “nearly $2 million in general, special and punitive damages relating to ‘misappropriated funds.’”

The YWAM claim alleges, according to a press release, that its bank accounts in 2018 “were depleted and checks were being returned as a result of alleged fraud from June 2012 and October 2017, the report explains.

“Antonio Baldovinos was a vice-president with the group and member of the board of directors,” the report said.

It explained YWAM early in 2019 hired a lawyer and began an audit process, and organization officials now claim $1.17 million was misappropriated via a “complex scheme of false invoices and expense reports,” documents revealed.

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The YWAM press statement said, “Those disruptions embroiled the charity’s remaining leadership in an intensive process that required time, money and total confidentiality to investigate whether a fraud had indeed been committed.”

Its new legal action demands that the former YWAM officials pay for the $70,000 cost of the audit, $200,000 for general damage to operations and reputation, $200,000 in aggregate damages and $300,000 in punitive damages.

The organization alleges the couple had repaid $22,000 but then the payments stopped.

The ministry has run its operations in Medicine Hat since about 2000. It has run conferences and the participated in running Central Skate Hub, before that facility collapsed in a snowstorm in 2012.

The report explains the local organization had revenue of $728,000 in 2018, and the report said, “No full-time salaries are described in the documents, which are a requirement of holding charitable tax status.”

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According to CTVNews, YWAM claims “the Baldovinos used their positions of trust to access money through checks, money orders, bank drafts, debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals, while concealing their activities with false invoices and expense reports.”

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