Democrat disaster looms as blacks shift to Trump – WND

Democrat disaster looms as blacks shift to Trump – WND.

Are the two new polls indicating President Trump’s approval among blacks has quadrupled since the 2016 election a harbinger of a dramatic political shift?

Only the polling on Nov. 3, 2020, matters, but an Emerson survey showing Trump with 34.5% percent support among blacks and a Rasmussen poll pegging the support at 34% caused heads to turn this week.

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Typically, as veteran writer and political analyst Roger Simon notes, Republicans poll in the single digits among blacks.

“‘Game changer’ may be one of the great clichés of our time, but this would actually be one,” he writes. “If even remotely true, Democrats should be having a nervous breakdown. They depend more than ever on African Americans for success in elections.”

He points out that if Trump were to garner even 18% of the black vote, he would easily win in 2020.

“If he had anything close to the 34 percent, it would be a runaway, a disaster for the Democrats,” Simon writes.

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He acknowledges polls are “fickle,” but he cites several factors that lead him to believe their accurate.

The economy: African-American unemployment rates are the lowest on record, even for teenagers, and wages are rising.
Kanye West: The superstar entertainer who often dons a MAGA hat argues that blacks have set themselves up for exploitation by putting all of their political eggs in one party’s basket.
The “Al Sharpton factor”: “How much longer will blacks follow the likes of exploitation artists who obviously prosper when other blacks fail — indeed, prosper because they fail?”
“In West’s world, the right approach isn’t to see yourself as a victim, but to improve yourself as an individual, to work hard, go to school, be entrepreneurial, and, of course, as we know from his latest hit and endeavors, believe and trust in God,” Simon writes.

“Would you follow West or would you follow Sharpton? The results of the decision are obvious, irrespective of the extreme differences in their talent.”

Trump, meanwhile, is presenting to blacks a message of economic opportunity at their schools and churches.

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“His success has either been ridiculed or, more often, deliberately ignored by the mainstream media,” says Simon. “They are loath to report what he is doing for fear that it might be good. Nevertheless, he is continuing and increasing his efforts going into the campaign.”

Simon believes the shift is ultimately about turning away from the Democrats’ “identity politics,” which he describes as a “new form of segregation,” and back to the color-blind society envisioned by Martin Luther King Jr.

“Wouldn’t it be ironic if the idealism of those days was finally realized with the help of Trump or an alliance of Trump and West?” he asks. “Stranger things have happened.”

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