Fox’s Ed Henry, sister recovering after liver donation surgeries | TheHill

Fox's Ed Henry, sister recovering after liver donation surgeries | TheHill.

Fox News’s Ed Henry and his sister, Colleen, are recovering well after a Tuesday liver transplant, Fox confirmed Wednesday.

Henry donated a portion of his liver to his sister. The family told Fox News both were “awake, chatty, and visiting with family” as they recovered in the intensive care unit.

In a message to his colleagues at Fox, Henry said he even managed to walk to his sister’s room to visit and have an “apple juice” toast.

“The doctors tell me that my old liver is functioning normally and that my sister’s new liver started working as soon as it was put in, nothing short of a miracle,” Henry said in his message.

Henry announced Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that he’d be a living donor.

In living liver donations, 30 percent of the donor’s liver is taken. The portion of the liver grows to 100 percent in the recipient, and the remaining 70 percent of the donor’s liver fully generates too.

Henry had thanked his colleagues and bosses at Fox for giving him the time to get tested, have the surgery and recover.

The Hill · by Rebecca Klar · July 10, 2019

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