Gallup: Americans’ Ideology, 37% Conservative, 24% Liberal, 35% Moderate | CNSNews

Gallup: Americans' Ideology, 37% Conservative, 24% Liberal, 35% Moderate | CNSNews.

Polling data from 2019 show that America is “center-right” politically, with 37% describing themselves as “conservative,” 35% saying they are “moderate,” and only 24% stating they are “liberal.”

Gallup reached its conclusions based on 21 telephone surveys encompassing over 29,000 interviews with U.S. adults.

Gallup asked, “How would you describe your political views — very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal or very liberal?”

In response, 37% said conservative, 35% said moderate, and 24% said liberal.

“The percentage identifying as conservative in 2019 was up two points from the 35% measured in 2018, while the percentage liberal was down two points from 26%,” said Gallup.

“[C]onservatives and moderates remain closely matched in U.S. ideological preferences, as they have been since 2015,” added the polling firm.

Gallup further reported that 73% of Republicans identified as conservative — 21% said they were moderate and 4% said they were liberal Republicans.

Among Democrats, the survey showed that 49% identified as liberal and 36% said they were moderate — 14% of Democrats said they were conservative.

For the Independents, 45% said they were moderate and 30% said they were conservative. Twenty-one percent of Independents identified as liberal.

Gallup also reported the following:

Gender: Men lean decisively conservative, while women are more evenly divided.

Age: Conservatism is strongly correlated with age, rising from 26% of 18- to 29-year-olds to 46% of seniors. Liberalism moves in the opposite direction.

Education: Those with higher levels of formal education are less likely to be conservative and more likely to be liberal.

Race: Whites are more conservative than liberal, as are Hispanics to a lesser degree, while blacks lean liberal.

Geographic region: The coastal regions of the U.S. — the East and the West — are only marginally conservative in their ideological outlook, while the conservative advantage is stronger in the Midwest and South.

In conclusion, Gallup said, “Even within the parties there is dynamism, although perhaps less so among Republicans, given their general conformity around conservatism. But the Democratic Party is more fractured.

“And even though liberalism has been on the rise among Democrats, it is not yet the clear majority position, perhaps leading to the strong intra-party clashes seen over the past year on the Democratic debate stages and throughout social media, as Democrats try to come together around a standard-bearer for 2020.”

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