Rudy Giuliani threatens to sue Fox News host – WND

Rudy Giuliani threatens to sue Fox News host – WND.

Rudy Giuliani threatened to sue Fox News host Steve Hilton on Monday for accusing President Trump’s personal lawyer of enriching himself in Ukraine.

Hilton, on his “Next Revolution” show Sunday night, called the former New York City mayor “toxic” and an “unethical disaster.”

“I have not taken a penny for representing my friend, President Trump. I am outraged that @SteveHiltonx reported that I was trying to pursue private business deals in Ukraine to ‘enrich’ myself, when in reality I have made ZERO in Ukraine! Very lazy reporting!” Giuliani wrote on Twitter.

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Giuliani said, the Daily Caller reported, that since representing Trump, he has “considered and turned down all deals in Ukraine, even those not presenting a conflict.”

“Lawyers tell me @SteveHiltonx is a wild card and I should sue him for libel,” he added.

The New York Times reported Giuliani is under criminal investigation for allegedly trying to get business deals in Ukraine while also pursuing information regarding Joe and Hunter Biden. The younger Biden’s firm received more than $3 million from for serving on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas firm, Burisma, while his father was President Obama’s point man for Ukraine policy.

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Giuliani wrote: “If it wasn’t for me, @SteveHiltonx wouldn’t even be covering Burisma. He sure didn’t cover it for the THREE YEARS it was in front of his face. He should apologize for his maliciousness and thank me for the story!”

Hilton lit into Giuliani on his show Sunday.

“This week, we learn more disturbing details about Rudy’s role. It turns out that the former mayor’s own personal business interests are wrapped up in all of this,” he said. “To put it simply, he’s been trying to enrich himself on the back of his relationship with President Trump. And you know what, I’m just fed up with the lot of them.”

Hilton said Giuliani “was a great mayor and a great leader, but he’s turned into an unmitigated, and now it seems, unethical disaster.”

He also accused Giuliani’s associates of “taking advantage of the president to do dodgy deals in the world’s shadiest places.”

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“Before they completely derail this presidency and its substantive historic policy results on China, the economy and much more, it’s time to dump these toxic chumps. I’ve had enough.”

Hilton, without presenting evidence, said regular Fox News guests Victoria Toensing, Joseph diGenova and John Solomon also are part of “the swamp.”

“There is another swamp here, and we have to be honest with ourselves, and with our audience and with everyone here, which is that there’s a swamp going on with the commercial interest” of Toensing, diGenova and Solomon.

DiGenova, a former U.S. attorney, and his wife, Toensing, a prominent Washington, D.C., attorney, have been providing insider information regarding ongoing investigations of the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion probe. Solomon’s reporting on the Obama administration probe has been featured regularly on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

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