Tomi Lahren Laments Oppression Of Straight, White Men After Parade Backlash

Tomi Lahren Laments Oppression Of Straight, White Men After Parade Backlash.

by Cristina Cabrera · June 6, 2019
Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren claimed on Thursday that a proposed “straight pride” parade is being met with derision because it’s “open season” on straight, white men.

“Super Happy Fun America,” a group led by a right-wing activist named Mark Sahady, is pushing Boston city officials to host let the group host a widely mocked “straight pride” parade.

For Lahren, however, this is no laughing matter.

“Don’t forget: It is open season on straight, white men in this country and y’all aren’t allowed to celebrate your straightness,” she said on “Fox Nation.” “It’s 2019. Don’t you know that’s been off-limits for the past 10 years?”

Fox host touts “straight pride parade” organized by a far right group founded by a white nationalist: “It’s open season on straight white men in this country”

— John Whitehouse (@existentialfish) June 6, 2019

Lahren was upset about the parade organizers not receiving a permit from the city, despite Sahady posting on Thursday that city officials were “working with us.”

“Listen, this straight pride parade was probably intended to be a joke of sorts, but regardless: Why is it so taboo nowadays to recognize and be proud of heterosexuality or traditional values in general?” Lahren lamented. “Can that not be a thing anymore?”

Super Happy Fun America’s site quotes its president, John Hugo, as claiming that “straight people are an oppressed majority.”

Arline Isaacson, co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, told MassLive that the parade was a “cynical and childish action” by “ill-intended reactionaries.”

“Straight people have not suffered decades and indeed centuries of oppression for being straight, but the LGBTQ community has and despite many advancements toward equality, we unfortunately continue to,” Isaacson said.

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