Trump emerges from ‘very good’ private meeting with Kim

Trump emerges from 'very good' private meeting with Kim.

by Gabby Morrongiello · June 12, 2018
SINGAPORE — President Trump projected confidence on Tuesday as he emerged from a private meeting with Kim Jong Un, describing their discussion as “very good” and saying he looks forward to working with the North Korean leader.

“Very good. Very, very good,” the president told reporters when asked how his initial meeting went.

Trump’s comment came as he and Kim walked along the promenade at Singapore’s Capella Hotel, trailed by two translators who were the only other individuals in the room when the pair came together for a one-on-one meeting Tuesday morning.

That meeting lasted about 35 minutes, leaving the terms of a joint statement or peace agreement to be hashed out during an expanded bilateral session that began shortly after Trump and Kim concluded their private discussion. The two leaders were joined by their top aides shortly before 10 a.m. for the second half of the three-part summit.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sat to the left of Trump, who was positioned directly across the table from Kim. Beside Pompeo sat White House national security adviser John Bolton, while an interpreter and chief of staff John Kelly were seated to the president’s right.

“We will be successful,” Trump said to the North Korean leader, adding that a deal “will be done” between the U.S. and Pyongyang.

The two leaders are expected to spend the next few hours negotiating the framework of a denuclearization deal. They will be joined by more members of the U.S. and North Korean delegations for a working lunch at 11:30 a.m.

Trump previously said he would be able to gauge Kim’s sincerity “in the first minute” of meeting him, further suggesting that their initial exchange went smoothly enough for subsequent meetings to occur.

Washington Examiner · by Gabby Morrongiello · June 12, 2018

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